Point in centre and within boundary of surface

Hi All,

I am using an Archi-lab package node GetRoomAtPoint to find the room above a floor.

The problem I am having is to find a point in the floor solid or a point on the floor top surface which is roughly central but also within the boundary.

In the screenshot above for floors like the red one the centroid of the floor solid is within the boundary of the floor and this works as needed. But for floors like the green one the floor solid centroid node returns a point central but outside the boundary of the floor.

I have tried extracting the top surface and getting points at UV 0.5/0.5 this also doesn’t work. I have also tried constructing a polygon from the top surface and using polygon centre node this doesn’t work either. I am not sure what else I can try.

This is for completing COBie information.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Simon

room for the floor #2.dyn (19.8 KB)

I am going to try something with creating a polygon and offsetting inwards and then running the polygon centre node. Not great idea but might work.

What did not work getting the top surfaces UV of 0.5?

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Hi @simon_murphy1,

This way you can make a quick solution. Min point is always within the frame, and a certain amount of move doesn’t hurt anyone.

I’il investigate this problem.

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It seems most surfaces are trimmed rectangles and so the UV 0.5/0.5 point was also outside of the boundary.

Thanks I will give a try later and report back

I have a method using intersecting that seems to work in most cases.

Thanks for the suggestions

room for the floor #11.dyn (63.4 KB)