Point Extraction from Surface and placing components at those points

Hi all!

I am trying to extract the point coordinates of the edges of a floor and use those points as coordinates to place a particular cube family (generic model) so that I can tag them later. I could extract the points but I am missing some links between to get the edges coordinates in a list and place the family. Any inputs or ideas?


Hi Rooney,

From what I understand you are after, there are lots of ways to do this operation. The big distinction to understand is that Topology elements (Face, Edge, Vertex) are treated differently (in most cases) than Geometry elements (Surface, Curve, Point) and there is some amount of conversion to do between them.


Hi Zach,

Thanks for the pointers I did the rest :slight_smile:

I have few questions though, how to get rid of duplicate points in a list, (using if conditions)? Eg: Points with same xyz coordinates

Is there a way to select walls and generate points, although the code runs by selecting the wall faces, I want it to be more userfriendly, So I got an idea to extract faces of the selected walltypes. Is there any nodes to do so. All I need is pointers, I can do the rest :slight_smile: Thanks Zach!!


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Thanks Vikram. I connected the dots. I was thinking to eliminate some points in the list using conditions. Using the “ReplaceByCondition” to weed out some points from the list. I know how to do it for a list containing only numbers. But these lists have XYZ coordinates, I want to write a condition to replace all the points which have Z value other than the level elevations. How do I identify only the Z value from each row of the list. Later I will use the prune node to remove the duplicates.


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