Point.Coord Not working

I keep getting an error that says “Point object does not have attribute Coord”. It clearly does according to RevitAPI. What am I doing wrong here?


Can you show the error in the dynamo environment?

Here is the dynamo environment.

Looks like you are feeding a dynamo point into the Python node which uses the Revit API. You need to use a Revit based reference point for that to work.

ok, is there a way to convert a Dynamo point to a Revit point?

What is your end goal with the info you are after?

I was going to get the distances btw points in order to sort by proximity. I found a different approach altogether, but I’d still like to know how to convert the points, for future reference.

Ultimately, I’m am developing a tool to sort seats and rows (furniture and furniture systems) in spectator facilities using filled regions as demarkers.