XYZ points

How does one convert Dynamo XYZ points into Revit XYZ points??

I’m using the View.ViewPortBoxCentre plus a Py node as shown below. This definition used to work on previous Dynamo version but not in 1.2?

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No idea what I am looking at here. The Py node I’m using was produced by someone on the forum here and as I said before it worked on Dynamo 0.9



A Revit XYZ is not a GeometryObject (unfortunately, there is such a thing as a Revit Point, which is handled correctly by ToProtoType()) and there is more than one way to convert an XYZ (i.e. convert it to a Vector or Point):

point = xyz.ToPoint()
vector = xyz.ToVector()
xyz = pointOrVector.ToXyz()

so to finish off @Organon answer you need to change the OUT line to this:

OUT = [x.ToXyz() for x in IN[0]] 

thank you very much guys

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