Point by parameter to match an irregular shape

I’m trying to apply points on a surface by using the point at parameter node. How do I get the points to match the surface shape? <br style="color: #2e2e2e;" />

<br class="Apple-interchange-newline" />![dynamo|1850x1220](upload://973OZYMk3egsoqPN3uzvc0kyVzp.jpg)

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Surface.PointAtParameter should have done the job, ideally. But it doesn’t, hasn’t been doing so for quite a while now :frowning:

A crude workaround is to filter out the points that don’t lie on the surface using the Geometry.DoesIntersect

Hi Andre,

Make sure you turn off “Preview” for “SurfacePointAtParameter” & “FilterBoolMask” node.

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Do we have away to center all the point with the room and omit the border lines

Look at the List.DropItems node.

Or a Surface.PerimeterCurves node, with a Geometry.DoesIntersect node and a Lost.FilterByBoolMask node.

Or a variety of other possible solutions.