How to test a point is on a face?


I’m stucked with a problem, can anyone help?

You see I use UV and surface.point at parameter, then points are definitely on a plane. But I don’t want UV points that outside the selected face.How can I remove them, should I use a “RemoveIfNot” node? I don’t know how to make this node works…

There is one more question. You guys can see that the face is cut, so if I want to fill the UV with panels, there will be quads and triangles, how to group them separately and I can use adaptive families?

Thank you!!!

point on face

I would have expected the ‘Point.Project’ node to help. But, when I last tried to sort out a similar issue, it did not.(Probably because the points are already on the surface)

When I get back to sorting it out, I might try to draw vertical lines and get the intersection of the surface and lines. That should give me the points that lie on the surface.

project the points onto the surface. If the projected point is near the original point, then it was originally on the surface, if the projected point moved, then it was not on the surface

Tried again, but Point.Project did not work.

However, obtained the required result in a slightly round about way.


I have a solution for this case, just use node Intersection for Face and Point => Point. But i don’t know why the result of this node is emty, can u check for this.