Planes of lines are

I have 2 lines

I need to know if their plane are intersectioning… doens’t matter how long are intersectioning… could be a little part of the line… but i need to know TRUE or FALSE.

Got the range, betweent their points, round, and check by LIST.CONTAINS.

i t worked… BUT, here i have one line… in my real project, i could be a lot lines… so, i think that could be very heavy.

So, im looking for a new way!

@daniel.petrin Why not just use Geometry.DoesIntersect node?

So you want to make sure that the x-range of your lines doesn’t overlap? What’s the reasoning behind this?


I will try explain:

  1. I’m creating a rotine to create WALLS from dwg file.

  2. First step, i convert all lines in dwg to lines in revit.

  3. I check all lines, the filter is: all lines that has a distance between 0 and 30 centimeters are in.

  4. A list is created with each 2 lines between 0 and 30cm.

  5. After i check if they are paralles.

6.Now, i have to check what im looking for in this post.

The main reason is… when i filter all… and leave just what i need:

got the center line, between both lines, and create the wall.

In this image bellow, lets talk just with the horizontal lines…

  1. there are 3 lines
  2. i can have 3 combinations between the lines…
  3. 1x2, 1x3 and 2x3.
  4. shoud remove 1x2.


I know its a little difficult to understand…

hope you got it kkk


You could create planes for each line by extracting the start and end point, then extrapolating a third point on the z-axis at one end ( start point x,y with z+100) Then use the 3 points to create a plane with the node named as such. After that, seeing as planes are infinite, you could check if they intersect and use the results to filter the input curves.

Are your lines paired up into groups of two already? If so I think you can just use the shorter of the two as the length of your wall - this will remove the need to do a more complex filtering process.

I did almost this yesterday…

But i didn’t understand the results “SURFACE”.

Yes, the lines are paired in groups of two.

I’m creating the wall according you said… using the shorter…

but i need to filter lines that has it plane intersectioning…

I have prepared a little package to assist you. One non OOTB node = If.Equal.Return.Index.Updated (one of my fav’s) This will extract element curves, create planes, find the intersects and identify what they are. Hope this helps you with your task. :smiley: #share

Lines Tester R17.rvt (320 KB)
(D1.3) Find Intersecting Planes.dyn (19.7 KB)


That’s great, but there is also a Share category where one can post entire workflows when willing to share them with the community. It could be better referenced by the search tool…

Thanks, I will adjust tmw, can’t get the option on mobile…

EDIT: I have placed a link topic in the share category, a better workflow will be all sorted for next time. :wink: