Placing views on sheets by coordinates

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone manage to figure out how to apply the view templates and scope boxes to the created views with this script?
In my current situation at work we have a split between what was done in DA that we can reuse and what we need to produce for CD.
When I run this script it places random views that I have created onto the sheets and doesn’t create any new views or assign any scope boxes.
I noticed that the scope box, view template, level and view name nodes don’t actually connect to anything.
If anyone can figure this out I will buy them a beer.


Hi All,
I have trouble finding the Get all Views node any where. Is there a way I could create it? If someone has it could you share it, please?
Thank you !

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i think a “Code Block” with the name “OST_Views”; would work

Can anyone please give the information of package used for “views.sheets.coordinates” node