Placing Rebars on weird surfaces with Dynamo

Here’s my try to mock-up reinforcement on slanted curved surfaces, something that Revit can’t do.


I’ve used a structural framing node to place beams, and managed to drop points on the edges of the surface, by a way that surely deserved to be improved.


dyn file attached.


Let me know what you think.



my blog post about this:



Im very new to Dynamo and I would love to use this file to do some work on my concrete structures. I am having trouble finding the “UV/XYZ Grid from Face” node. I have looked on the Dynamo Packages site: and found a few nodes that sounded promising like “UV Grid” and “UV Grid” on a surface. It seems to hang up on the UV.V node. Gives me an error that %get_V is not found. Any suggestions?

JBE Rebar on face v.0 (1)

Thanks for any help!