Hosted Family to a wall that is not the traditional Hosted Family

Could you create a family instance by point and then tell that family to be hosted to a wall? Such as an Existing Generic Model family that you would like to be always hosted to the bottom of the wall at the finish faces at the start and end points of the wall, for all four bottom points of a wall? (Ignoring curved / spline walls for now)

Think more of how a wall foundation is treated in Revit. When the wall is changed, either by length or rotation, then the wall foundation always changes to match the wall.

Jeremy goes into just querying this here: I can already get to that point through Dynamo. I have been reading a lot on his blog, but have not found an answer of if something like this could be hosted in such a manner.

I can already create a hosted point using Springs package. And since we all love Dynamo graphs…!

After running the script, the existing Generic Model family is technically hosted by the parent wall in Revit, as seen in the second screenshot, but does not accept its translation or rotation of the parent wall.

Any direction on if this is currently possible without having to have a script running in the background constantly that is querying the points of all the wall, collecting the base points, and translating the points based on when the points move from a Dynamo standpoint would be great. I already have that process up and running, but would like something that could be completed once, told to move with the parent wall, and not have something so taxing on the system.

If at all possible. Thanks Dynamo nation.

Have you tried hosting the family on a face rather than on a curve?