Placing objects using height of a wall

I am relatively new to dynamo and want to try and use dynamo to place an object by height. I have the code where it will place objects in a room no problem, but it seems to place it in the center. I would like to place it at a desired elevation but cannot seem to do so. Any ideas?

Can you post a screenshot of your graph? Lots of possibilities and without seeing the context I can’t say anyone will stumble on what’s best for your situation.

Off the top of my head finding the point and then moving it on the Z axis to the elevation and then placing your family.

Or placing the family and then moving it.

Or placing the family and then setting the element’s elevation parameter.


Sure, here it is.

Resolution is too small to read for me. Zoom in until you can read the nodes and any previews and then use the camera in the top right of the window to take the screenshot.


here you go…

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Where would I have to plug in this new script into my existing one? I input the new one but was not sure where it should go.

Hi, Is there a way to place wall baseboards via Dynamo?
I am to place baseboards in a 1m sq ft complex bldg revit model!!
I thought there should be a faster way with Dynamo?!
(I am Dynamo beginner!)
Thank you- Niusha