Placing Lineare Dimensions on detail Lines

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I am new to dynamo, so I’m sorry if I’m going to say things not correctly.

I am searching on this forum for a solution to my dynamo scripts problem, The idea is that I have some Detail lines in an annotation group and I want to place some linear dimensions on those detail lines, but for this example skip the annotation group first…

I just can’t find anything to place linear dimensions on some detail lines with Dynamo, for example, see the picture below. (this is done without dynamo)

example of what I need

I have already tried using the codes from GeniusLoci, see the example below but this doesn’t seem to do anything. On the forum, I saw some python scripts where these things are working, but cant read coding that well.

My coding for placing dimensions on detail lines.

I hope someone in the community can help me figure this out because I’m kind of stuck on any ideas.

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W. Tonnema

An little update, i made the Foundation of my script. But I’m kinda stuck on how to place those lineare dimensions

Test Lineare Dimension to Detail Lines.dyn (35.9 KB)

First you can select the detail lines u want to have dimensions on, after that u pick the specific dimension Type.


Here’s a simple example…

You will note that the ‘line’ input is the location for your dimension, so it must be perpendicular to your reference lines…

You could generate the location line using the end points (and an offset) from the reference lines.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


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