Placing Line Based Generic Model Family in Dynamo

I have these seat placement curves at different heights that I have brought into Dynamo through the use of Rhynamo. I also have a line based seat family. Is there a way to have dynamo place my line based generic model seat family at each curve?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @everestmatt12

maybe clockwork’s familyinstance.ByCurve node can help

This is close to what I am wanting to do, however the only issue with this is that I don’t necessarily want to place them by level because the lines aren’t at a level specific to the project. Is there potentially a workaround so that I am not constrained by this?

You should be able to alter their Offset param after placing them.

Feeding a Z value different than supplied level will automatically offset that line from the level. Same with point based family instances. That level is simply for reference. It will calculate an offset from the Line Z height to that level and return that to you as an offset. Or is that just with point families? @Andreas_Dieckmann

I’m thinking make your seat family Structural Framing (like a beam) or 2-point Adaptive Component.

for these there any package to download

The package @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi noted was clockwork. If you have further issues please start a new topic referring back to this one - it’s almost 2 years old and already has a solution.