Placing Generic Annotation from points on a View?

Hello guys. So i am trying to place generic annotations (on a level or a drafting view - currently trying on a level - i have already tried on a drafting view with the same result) automatically from a CAD link. The CAD link provides the points of where the generic annotation (to be clear this is just a text (label?)).

Please see the included picture. It runs and doesn’t give me any errors. In fact, when i do the preview in dynamo it shows the exact location of all the text, however it doesn’t create a generic annotation there. I am stuck and need some guidance.

Ok i seem to have it working now. I just changed the FamilyInstance.ByHostandPoint to FamilyInstance.ByPointandLevel.
So i created all of them by point on this specific Level. This will do for now. I will now try to fill them all in with the text data.

Hope this helps someone.