Placing Devices in the Wrong Location

I’m using the nodes below to place a receptacle at the center of a wall in a selected room.

Receptacles 2



For some reason, even though I’m placing the receptacle at the midpoint, it shows up in my “area plan” view instead of at that point inside the view I currently have open. Anyone know why that is? I don’t understand how I can get the exact points from a bounding box, tell dynamo to place receptacles at those points, and have them get placed in the complete wrong location.

Hi Scott,

Did you check your “Visibility Graphics” settings in your view, make sure “Electrical Fixtures” are Marked and also check your view range setting also. Try “Clockwork” node called



Scott, Were you able to tackle this problem? I am working towards a similar goal, but I have run into the same problem. I am able to place the receptacle in the correct location and at the correct height, but I cannot figure out how to host the receptacle to the wall. I am just wondering what progress you have made with this script…Thanks

I just found this thread today, any luck with this?

Unfortunately no…I was getting pretty close, but our firm had a flood of jobs come in and I haven’t touched it since. Have you had a chance to work with it?

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