Placing Data Devices into a Cabinet

Hi guys,
I am, as many here, a real Dynamo newbie, and am battling with setting values to revit from an excel file.

Scenario is:
I need to get an pre-filled excel file from our tech teams about where they need switches/servers installed into a rack/cabinet. I want to feed this into Revit/Dynamo and place the family instances at the correct OFFSET value, thereby setting the correct level in the server rack.

HOST for each Family = the Server Rack
Correct Height = “Offset Parameter”/45mm

I can place all instances manually, which works fine, but this is not using revit “smartly”. Hence i am trying to automate it via Dynamo.

i have attached:

  • my excel template with sample data
  • my DYN file
  • and 1 picture of what i need to automate.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Set Rack-Height from Excel.dyn (36.0 KB)

Rack-Layout-Template.xlsx (9.3 KB)

Thanks !!