Place number from list on index


So I have an if function, but it doesnt really do what I want it to do. If the value is true then it places the whole list on that spot, while I just want the same value of the list on that spot.


Wanted result:
1: 74.878…
2: Geen teelaarde kruin1
3: Geen teelaarde kruin1

How can you do this?
Thanks in advance!

@remco.dejong ,

you mean something like this ?

Which IF are you using?


ah thanks, the code block on the right side did the job, the "scopeIf’ made my laptop crash.
Just so I know how it works, what does it do at the i : j part?

The first bit is the condition
then i is what to do if true
j is what to do if false

ah that way, okay thanks.

So its basically the “if” function exept for the fact that it isnt a standard node. weird then that the if node didnt work.

I find the IF nodes the most temperamental in Dynamo

yeah thats true