"if" node with list is strange


When I branch a list with different number of elements with “if” node, the number of elements in the list obtained as result changes.
It seems to behave like Lacing’s minimum.
How can I get the exact list I entered from result?
In the example below, when true, expect a list of 1 to 10.
In addition, I got the same result when I used the ternary operator in Code Block.

Thank you


I think this has been noted a few times, you can do a search. Try Scope If from clockwork package.

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Two lines of design script also works:

indx = test?0:1;
lst = [trueList,falseList][indx];

Thank you all.

From the reply, I understood that it cannot be achieved by using “if”.
I will use the method you taught me.
I searched the forums and found a same question.
I will also post the link.

Thank you very much.