Output in the 'IF' node

Hi guys,

I have a question related to the outcome in the IF node. Dynamo seems to get always the smallest number of elements between two list that are input as a true and false. Is it possible to get a full list as an outcome in the IF node. For instance, I have 10 elements in a list as true and 5 elements in a list as false. When I use IF node and the result is true the outcome is just first 5 elements from the True list.
Here is the screenshot to explain a bit what I mean.

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i tried it (if node) it is working good

You can use alternative option.


You can use by this node.


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Is it Dynamo 1.3.3 or 2.0?

Thanks. ScopeIf works on small sets. When I try use it in my project with bigger sets dynamo crashes.

That is because Scope-If is originally meant for use inside custom nodes. Scope-if (unlike any other dynamo nodes) works by only running the test-value and not anything else. Thus if you have more than one node before either “true” or “false” input you run the risk of Dynamo halting.

Are you yourself using 1.3.x or 2.0?

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I have checked both versions and it is not working anyway.

Use either one of the options proposed or the scopeif+ from the clockwork package :slight_smile: this will not cause a crash like the ootb scopeif :slight_smile:
Otherwise I’ve found a simple python script to be of help if all else fail :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Yeah I will just write a python script. I just thought something is wrong with my dynamo because lately I was getting weird crashes and things not working. All good thanks again