Place multiple views on multiple sheets by coordinates


Please ignore my previous post. Thanks!

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@Daniel_Woodcock1 @JacobSmall

I wanted to add this here because I am having similar issues to above.
When running the python script I am getting the List[object] has no attribute ‘Id’ error…

I am feeding multilevel lists into the python script at each level.
If I add [0] to each input of the codeblock as suggested above the python script works but adds views on the first sheet…

I’m not very familiar with Python. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

Have you tried using the Viewport.Create node in Rhythm? You may need a few minutes of trial and error to get your input levels correct, but after that it works a treat.

Place list of Views on list of Sheets by list of Points - Python for Revit Dynamo · GitHub should do it.