Place multiple structural columns with unique top/bottom xyz

I have a list of xyz points, one point at zero elevation, the other at plus 10 feet. There are about 300 points at zero and 300 at plus 10. the x&y of each point at zero is slightly different the the x&y of the point above it at plus 10. I’d like to see if its possible to automate placement of the columns using this list of xyz points. I can have a separate list for the zero elevation xyz points and another separate list for the plus 10 elevation xyz points. Is this possible to build within Dynamo? If so, any suggestions on what nodes I should start with?

I don’t think that dynamo supports slanted columns out of the box at this point. The fastest workaround would be to model them as structural framing families. There are a lot of examples for that in the forum and in the Dynamo samples files accessed from the Help menu.

Alternatively you could try delving into the API and writing some python code, but unfortunately the SDK doesn’t provide a lot of info on slanted columns :frowning:

Hi Dimitar,

Thanks for the reply, I think I’ll opt for manual placement as the project deadline is looming and I just dont have the time to delve into the API at this point. Wish list!