Place multiple family instances from Excel Room number using locations obtained from a linked file

Hello all,

I thought I was getting fairly good at creating these scripts but this one has me puzzled.

I have an excel spreadsheet that will have existing furniture cataloged. It has a room number and a room name that will tell a certain entry where it belongs in a model.


I want to use the room number or name to be compared to the actual room names in the model and place at it’s room insertion point. I’ve been looking at trying to get there for a few days and can’t get any closer with what I have. I’m almost sure it just has to do with more list management, but it’s beyond me.

Any help, or a point in the correct direction would be wonderful.

Thanks so much

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Great effort. I"ll follow this post to see where it leads.
Would be great for moving plans in a FM-BIM world.

A couple weeks ago I finally got it. See below

In case anyone needs this in the future.

FurnitureInventory.xlsx (40.6 KB) Art.rfa (340 KB) Chair.rfa (340 KB) FurniturePlacementFromExcel.dyn (132.2 KB) Table.rfa (340 KB)