Place Legends on Multiple Sheets with Template Legend

There isn’t a window that opens. When you press “Select Legend” it puts you in selection mode. All you need to do is find the Legend you want on the sheet and click it.

Can you show the preview of the MultiInputForm so I can see what it has?

Also, make sure you are using the Legend Graph for Legends and the Schedule graph for schedules.

It doesn’t look like you are picking a legend on a sheet:

  1. Open a sheet
  2. Place a Legend on a Sheet
  3. Run Dynamo Graph
  4. Select Legend on the Sheet in the Sheet View
  5. Select the Sheets to also place the Legends on

Hello @SeanP
Thank you

I’m getting a corrupted file error when opening. Could you possibly repost the files?

What version are you trying to open it in?

Version I believe, sorry new to dynamo

Yes, that is the problem. The graph was created in version 2.+.

Ah I see. I thought they maybe the case after my post. ill need to figure out how to update it now haha

Unfortunately its still not working

Install the Data Shapes Package from the Package Manager under Packages tab at the top.

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Thank you for help, I now how it working. Fantastic.

I’m wondering if it would be a simple process to do a remove legend from sheets too

It wouldn’t be too much trouble. Are you thinking it would work the same? Pick a template from a sheet and other sheets to remove it from, or just pick the legend and remove them all from all sheets?