Place legend on sheets

Hi all,

I have this script so I can place Legends on multiple sheets. However it seems that I have the wrong input as my Sheets. I use the Get views from Viewset node, that should give me the sheets right? Never had this problem before.

When I use the Sheets from Schedule node the script works fine. So am I using the get views from view set node wrong? Any ideas what could create the problem?

Thnx in advance!

If you show the drop down list similar to have you have done for the viewport location, it should make it easier for someone that understands it better than me to see what needs to be fixed.


i dont see Sheets, only views

You can use my previous share about this subject as a guide if you’d like.


however the get views from view set node should provide with sheets as well.
for example if I use it to change a parameter of the same list of sheets it works fine.

Thnx for the offer Sean, but it looks rather complicated to me.
The script I am using works fine by using a schedule, it simply doesn’t work with the View Set node which can be helpful if you want to use it for selecting specific sheets.

in Revit you can have ViewSets and SheetSets, you can place Legends on Sheets not on Views

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