Place family type by user selection

Hello Dynamo users :hugs:,
I need help to complete a script which will place families by user selection. I am using the data shape form ++ and it works really good, as always!

What I need to do is to “take” the user selection (which will be a family type), and “push” the type to the “familyInstanceByCoordinates” node.

Please check the image below

Anyone knows how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

What type of family is it? Is it supposed to be hosted in any way?
User Inputs returns a list. Trying getting the the first item in that list.

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Hello @Nick_Boyts,
The families are “Communicational Devices” and they will be hosted on the level of placement (if I get your question correctly).

I have tried both “GetItemAtIndex” and “List.FirstItem” but didn’t work

I am trying everything, like string from object, list from string, string from list, etc… but nothing seems to work properly

You’re using families, not family types. :wink:


Shame on me! you’re right :upside_down_face:
I solved the issue with your reply! :top:

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