Place different family types into Revit at once?

Here is an image of the flattened family type list next to the points.

You might try putting both of those lists into the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints node and change the lacing to longest.

Getting a “Arguments have issues” Error with lacing set to longest.**

And your Adaptive Components definitely have 4 Adaptive Placement Points?

Yes. I’ve gotten them to place at the locations just to many of them, which leads me to believe its an incorrect list structure or lacing. I’m not understanding how the adaptivecomponent.bypoints picks from the inputs in order to place.

Hi Shaun,
Try using “List.Combine” node.

Hi Kulkul, Thanks for the response! I’ve tried a few variations with list.combine. Flattened the family types is returns Nulls.

and without the flattened family types list it creates the “quadruplicates”(4 panels at each location, 1 for every family type in the list) at each location.

I’m sorry ^^ I guess just more nulls

Can you create new post dropping relevant files.

Are you able to send me the families and the excel file again? If you don;t want to post on here, you can email me.

Looks like I’m too new of a user so I can only email them.

I think I got it. I had to indent the list one more time and abandon the list.combine. It looks like when it is multiple families, Dynamo wants the lists to correspond more.

and this was my outcome

and a closeup of the indented list

Adaptive Components to Revit 08.05.16.dyn (85.9 KB)

John when you window select over one of your panels is it showing 2? I opened your dyn and I’ve got 2 at each location on top of each other. Do we have to indent the list once more?

It’s only one on each side.

Awesome! Yeah I closed dynamo and retried and I’m getting only one surface now so it seems to have worked!. I think I understand the relationship between the lists now. Thanks a bunch for your time and help John!

Glad to hear it! Also if it is the overlapping materials you are referencing, it’s in your adaptive component. The nested lists are placing one of each though.

We were just using some quickly thrown together adaptive panels so I’m sure there’s some work to be done cleaning them up but the Curtain Panel placement was our main focus at the moment and its working great! Thanks again for your help

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