Place detail-component to door in floorplan,how?

Hello Dynos,

I know, thats a very classic issue, but i have problems. My idea is to create a dictionary triggered by values. If the value is there put a symbol (2D-component).

I get also the family location point, but i am unable to put the 2D-component.

Raumeigenschaften-visualisieren-test.dyn (58.1 KB)

You have null values… You can use FamilyType.ByName node from Orchid. After that it has to work.

is there no other way, with orchid, i had always a installationproblem, or did implent a simple installation process meanwile
is there a workaround and on which place should i put it in the script?

Can you show the output for GetParameterVlueByName? It seems like your values don’t match your dictionary.

yes it is empty no values why? should i take type?

You have 21 doors and 4 Detail Components. To which door do you want to place which detail component?

i have 4 doorfamilies, placed several times.

I want one symbol for each(typ) placed door

so each symbol finds his door based on the parameter


and so on thats the idea

In my example is just the priority “Family”

I would copy the nodes and edit the codeblock to “Firerating”


What did you enter in Parameter “Family” ? FamilyType of Detail component?

i need the families, the instances to get the familielocationPoint to place my detail-components

If your 4 detail components represent 4 different door families then you should be good getting the family name. If they represent 4 family types you’ll need to get the type. Try Element.Name with FamilyInstance.GetFamily or FamilyInstance.Type respectively.

Thank you, i will try when i can solve a package issue…

actullay it worked with room symbols but with doors, there are some parts messing

Raumeigenschaften-visualisieren.dyn (14.0 KB)