Featureline Cant and dynamo expression

Hello everybody I need some assistance in some major problem. The script that I made it will put some block in a corridor using a feature line, but I bet that everyone of you knows how to do it. The problem that I have is following, when I put a tie rail as a block it will put following a feature line but it wll not put that block when a fetureline has Cant, that because I did not find an expression that will help me doing so
So, this picture will be with dynamo script

Please anyone could help in this matter?
The same problem I have when I put some NewJerssey parapet in ax road and in some cases it wil put it in stairs, and that is not ok!

Thank you all

Hi @mircea.nicolauLEH2A,

Can you take a look at this thread and see if it helps you?

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Yes, that is it for rail!

Many thanks Jensen!!!