Piping ReApply Type Process

Good Day,

I am dealing with a Revit 2020 project that is reporting that a fittings tee fittings have been deleted from the model when try to manipulate the pipe configuration. Clearly they have not because they can be seen on screen and in the browser. I have tried to select all instances and change families but that does not work. I tried dynamo to see if I could do the same and they does not work. I updated the routing preferences to change the tee family and that works. Now, I would like to select all the systems and run reapply type which works individually but I am not able to did this in a batch. Any thoughts? This seems like something more users would want to capabilities of through Dynamo.

Your revit 2020 project is an update of an older version or a new project?

It is a new project started a couple months ago.