Pipe run length parameter

Hello everybody!

I would like to know if there is anything to calculate total pipe run length along with fittings and extracted into a schedule.

Depends on your definition of a pipe run.

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Is there paramter which gives the centre line length of pipe system i.e. pipes with all the fittings and accessories.

Nope there’s no length parameter for the center line of pipe fittings and accessories. As far as I know, the only geometrical info you can extract from center lines are their bounding boxes and their point locations. Maybe you can think of a workaround using that.

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I reckon:

  • Use this node from package MEPover:
  • Sum elements’ lengths.

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Can u send me this file

to me also

How do I extract the lengths of the pipe fittings?

I think you get their geometry, which will be curves, and get the sum of the curves’ lengths

Fitting curves doesn’t seem to be working.

Sum the lengths of the arcs and lines (but not the extraneous lines from the fittings). You could just figure out the lengths of the fittings and add those numbers for each instance, instead.

Yeah. It could be an option. But couldn’t figure out a logic to filter out the extraneous lines. For some fittings (e.g. transition/reducer in the image) it is not even detecting its centerline properly.

E.g.: If there is a fitting A, add 0.74, if fitting B add 1.02, etc.

Line logic filtering depends on your skills.

can you upload your your .rvt and .dyn file to take a crack at this.
In fire protection we have a similar need for length run and its
about time i get this type of script done. usually the piping in plans for FP shows the center to center length not the curve length(fabrication length). i have a work round at the moment, but its still not ideal. A Center to Center Paramenter in Revit would be nice in revision 2061. Once that feature is added we can sum up the pipes in the network. i will need some coffee tho.

Hi @theshysnail
I think that you can’t directy only with dynamo.