Pipe Path

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to create the optimal path of a series of pipes, while avoiding obstacles.
I’ve tried entering obstacle information with Topologic Nodes.
Any help?
load model and dyn file
DYN_CeilingCuboids_Path_AvoidObstacles.rvt (5.3 MB)
DYN_CeilingCuboids_Path_AvoidObstacles.dyn (254.3 KB)

@Enrico_Giovannetti ,

what do you try to find out? “optimal” regarding what?


I’d like to start with “Shortest path” avoiding wall obstacles.

Well guess you need to break down room boundaries to a grid of your chosen accuracy. Input start and end you create a dijkstra algorithm of your shortest path and populate your pipe or lines on the path created. That’s how i would do it. But it’s actually one of the hardest thing to do in revit i think…EvolveLab tackled this problem in this article if you want to read it :

It’s a little more of what you asked for but it shows the complexity of this problem.


Thanks, but i know that, It was one of the starting points for this script

Seems like the VASA package would be well situated for this task.