Pipe Accessories (Valves) - System Type

I’m trying to retrieve the System Type parameter information from a Pipe Accessorie(Valve) in a project.

The High lighted System Type is important to collect info such as “MP_Heating Water Return” to duplicate in another parameter (Shared Parameter of my choice) so that I can Filter a Pipe Accessorie Revit Schedule for Piping Systems that begin with “MP_”.

The Pipe Accessorie schedule will show the System Type, but Revit will not allow a Filter for System Type. If I can duplicate the Piping system type (System Type) to another parameter then I can filter the schedule.Piping System Parameter Duplication.dyn (6.3 KB)

I’m including my Dynamo script for review and request help.
Thank you in advance.
Peter Wood

You can’t filter by System Type but you can filter by System Name. Just include the name and a filter for the prefix.

Thanks for the suggestion Nick.