Pick Rectangle Box at View

Dear Dynamo Team,
Is it possible to make user to pick rectangle box at view and get curves (4) representing that box user selected.
Input: Picking box at view
Output: List containing 4 curves representing that box user selected.

Thanks in advance.

A screenshot of your current graph would help to see what you’re after exactly :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can Briefly explain my question. My goal is to apply cropping region to all floor plan views at project. To apply this i need user to define which part of project must be in the visible region so to define this user must give input by picking box around project.

This would be a more specific title for this thread. Using those keywords, I easily found this reference through the search tool:

Look into the scope box feature of Revit as it sounds like it is 90% of what you are looking for.

Dynamo can be used to assign said scope boxes for larger sets, or they can be set manually by selecting them in mass with the project browser.