Phase script to execute multiple functions but only after the previous has completed?


This is more of an open ended question about how Dynamo reads a script in terms of the flow of executing functions.

Essentially I want to create a revision automatically based on current date + a UI input for revision name, and then add it to a sheet before synchronising to the central model and then detaching the file from said central location.

But the problem is the ‘add revision to sheet’ node cannot accept the revision that is being output by the ‘RevisionByName’ node as it has only just been created in the same ‘run’ of the script as the function of adding it to the sheet is also trying to be performed.

I was wondering if it was possible to make the script refresh model contents, or have ‘phases’ to the script; between functions, so that it could read new elements that have just been created before being used/applied by nodes further into the script?

This concept would provide a wide range of potential uses if possible, but I’m not sure if it is?

Any light/opinions shed on the topic would be appreciated!



Music to my ears! - Will download the package and take a look at this now.

Thanks a lot!


Look at the Transaction.End and Transaction.Start nodes. These “set” changes like additional revisions in the model before moving on. I think this will work for you.

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Thanks for the recommendation Sean - That does do what I was looking for, and also has the benefit of being a core node!


Just to close this out to anyone else looking into the topic at a later date - I found the ‘Passthrough’ Clockwork node the best to achieve a phased graph.


To add onto this, the Passthrough node is a simple code block, so it’s easy to replicate without having access to Clockwork: