PDF Batch Renamer using Regex

I’ve added a PDF batch Renamer which uses Regular Expression to strip out your sheet names. I got it up on the package manager earlier this week. Its named "Rename PDFs under Parachence package. It’s one of my first attempts to create a package and upload it. Please let me know if I can add additional features or something needs improvement.

Here is a website to help with Regular Expressions
Here is a quick video I made of how it works. Video

RenamePDFs.dyn (6.0 KB)


good node! ty! Why is it restricted to pdf? Is it also possible to use the same method for *.dwg files? Can you share the code on GitHub pls?

Hi Thomas,

I added ability to rename DWGs. Makes me wish I could rename the node. O-well. I found a small bug and fixed it as well on this new version.

The git is located here: https://github.com/dannysbentley/RenamePDFs

Thanks. :slight_smile:

How Can I install the package, can’t find it with name “Parachence”.

Should be in the package manager. You can search for “RenamePDF”.

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I’ve found it!!!

Thank you Danny :slight_smile:

The link to your video seems to be missing.

hi Bro regex Node is showing error . i’m using Dynamo 2.0.4
please help