Path Array With Indicating Levels

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Curve Array level no problem.dyn (22.7 KB)
Hello Currently I have this Dynamo script and it works as a path array For families . The thing is I need to add levels , by that I mean I want all these families for example from level one till level 3 . How Can I achieve that .


Do you mean to place them at all those levels?

Hello , I mean I want to set a boundary for example when I do the path array command I want them to be from level 1 till level 3 for example

Hi @ahmadkhalaf7892
You can use many methods for this. I don’t know which one will meet your exact request, maybe you can explain in more detail.
I am sharing 2 methods, I hope they will be useful for you.



You can divide them into groups and enter the heights you want in these groups, you will have to adjust it yourself according to how you wish!!!. :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot Can ypu please provide me with scripts please .

Of course I can, but you have to adjust the content according to yourself.
Divide into groups and give these groups the heights you desire.

Test.dyn (110.2 KB)

Thanks a lot , You are the best