Passthrough hard code syntax

@Vikram_Subbaiah @jacob.small sorry to bug you guys (and lost access to my old account so I cant tag Nick)

Can someone either point me to the right post (I;ve seen it before but cant find it) or just send a screenshot?

I cant get the passthrough/waitfor code syntax to hard code into a code block? I cant get the old clockwork one to work.

thank you so much!!

Got it;
here it is in case anyone else runs into this issue:


Note that this is the syntax for Dynamo 1.x flavors. In 2.x you will want [waitfor,passthrough][1];.

Glad you found it all the same. :slight_smile:


@jacob.small thanks for clarifying that, I meant to post that revision after beating my head on the desk and searching google for what the error was in 2.x! :slight_smile:

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