Passing python custom class object into dynamo code block


I’m new to Dynamo, and familiar with other programming language, like JAVA. I would like to develop some automatic process with Dynamo but getting some problems when the Dynamo code block invoking the python script block’s output


Here are what I’ve tested:

  1. Inside the python script block, I’m able to declare a custom python class object and use it as usual inside the block

  2. That custom python class object also able as an output and pass to the Dynamo code block. In the watch block, that is shown as, for example
    "<<module>.MyObject instance at 0x000000011A>"

  3. The outputted class object is work fine if it is as an input of another python script block, but unable to process in a Dynamo code block.

  4. If the output from the python script block is, for example, a Point, that is work fine in Dynamo code block


With the above findings, I hope there is someone can clarify me if what my thoughts are correct or not

  1. Is there any ways to use the python class object inside the Dynamo code block? or

  2. I need to convert all the python class object into some common objects that can be processed by both?

  3. Is there any ways to invoke each other in between the python script and the code block, even the functions?


Thanks very much in advance