Do somebody know how i can get a package there contaning parameters. So i can get a box in to Dynamo with the name Element.Parameters

This is a standard node for Dynamo for Revit. However, if you are using Dynamo Core, this node is neither included nor applicable to that version.

Thx for the answer! Do you now how i get the other version f dynamo? I can only finde DynomoCore. In Autodesk its called Dynamo studio but thats also a core virsion

You can find all recent builds of Dynamo here. If you are using Revit 2020, Dynamo is included by default, but if you are using an older version of Revit (2018, 2019), you can download DynamoInstall2.0.3.exe.

I’m using Revit 2020, an have downloaded an installed Dynamo 2.3. Do you now what version i need to install so i can get the parameters to my Dynamo.?

thx again for your help!