Packages Uninstalling

I’ve had several packages (most recently Bakery) uninstall on their own as soon as I open Dynamo. What gives?

It seems to have started happening after I installed Dyno. Hmmmm, connection perhaps?

It’s still happening when I uninstall Dyno. Now it seems to have something to do with how I install. The only way I’m having luck right now is to download from and add to my packages folder manually… with Revit open (which seems odd).

Is this happening for several packages or just bakery? And are they removing themselves from the appdata location?

several packages - I have a different folder (pointing to Dropbox) but yes, they delete themselves when I open Dynamo

To add to the confusion, when I open a definition some of the DYF files are being backed up multiple times. AND I’ve even had the json files go missing. So weird.

That’s really weird! What version of Rhythm are you running in this case?

The latest. I keep having to download it from DynamoPackages! :wink:

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oh… duh…

This might need to be submitted on github

I’m assuming at this point it either has something to do with Dyno or IT did something to my computer without telling me… though that wouldn’t explain the behavior at home.

I hope it’s not Dyno. Great solution to push this out to the non-nerds.