Package / nodes for working with Area's and Area plans

Hi, I’m playing around with trying to make my rooms recognize the area they are in. I know it’s a long shot but a room that knows what area it exists in would be very helpful to me. I have found how to bring my room data into dynamo but not all of the area data, specifically the boundary and plane of areas drawn in an area plan. my initial plan was to compare the location points, and assign the room to its nearest area. that got me close but not quite there, some rooms want to assign the wrong direction or long skinny rooms such as hallways mess things up. Which i think means i need to take the perimeter of the Area create a polygon and use a polygon containment test to then assign the area to the room with a similar workflow. I just can’t figure out how to get the perimeter of my area’s. Any thoughts? Packages I’m in of need? Right now I’m using these so far:


I tried using this node " Element.Area.Location " and never works for me . I must be doing something wrong.
Does it depend on the type of area?
Do you work well at all?
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@smorapiz please provide more context for what you are using this on. If it is too specific, please start a new topic.

I’m also a little unsure what you mean by, “Do you work well at all?”


I was eventually able to figure it out. The key was using nodes contained in the lunchbox and clockworks packages to read the data from the areas, take the boundaries and create a surface, then take the point location of the room create a little line and test if the line intersects the surface then write that data to the parameter of the corresponding rooms. It’s basically a brute force test of each area and then a boolean operation to cull out the area that it is in. Now I can use a custom room tag to read the area data of an area plan. and rooms are aware of the area’s they inhabit. I can make room tags read gross areas of units.

I’m trying to do the same but I get error. .

Try using the lunchbox Room Element Collector from the latest lunchbox library package. the other trick I found was that the room.boundaries node was able to read the area boundaries.

If you expand the custom node. Do the categories nodes have errors? It could be a language thing.

It does not work either

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This is the custom node expanded

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May need a sample file to test this.