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I’m getting a warning when downloading and installing a couple of packages.
Recently upgraded to revit 2023.1 and new dynamo 2.16.1 along with it. Downloaded latest version of Archi-lab and Genius Loci from package manager and on both of these packages i’m getting a couple of errors:

(Note the packages still work, I just wondered if it is an issue i should be concerned about?)


I’m getting the same warning and I was also wondering why.

Certain packages contain functionality for specific environments (design software), usually utilizing their respective API. Dynamo will check the current software for compatibility (if using Dynamo for Revit, Dynamo for Civil3D, etc. or any compatibility in the case of Sandbox) before installing the package. This warning is just letting you know that the package you’re installing includes references other than Revit that won’t be compatible in your current environment. It does have the potential to cause conflicts but most times won’t prohibit you from actually using the package. This is fairly common for major packages that offer support for multiple environments. You probably already knew that, but just a reminder for others.

As to why you’re getting it with Archi–lab and Genius Loci… I’m not sure. It could be that this warning also accounts for missing versions of the same software but I didn’t think that was the case. Or that they include other references that may be missing like IronPython, but I’m pretty sure IronPython had its own warning. Unfortunately I’m not much help on the specifics of these packages but it shouldn’t cause any problems if that’s what you’re worried about.

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Great, everything is clear now, thanks for the clarification @Nick_Boyts