Package dependency

Hello everyone! I have uploaded a new package but for some reason it keeps being dependent on Lunchbox. It’s true that the first time I uploaded i accidentally uploaded the wrong version of a node which included a lunchbox node. I uploaded a new version with the lunchbox node removed but it kept being dependent. Now I have created a whole new package with different name and it still keeps being dependent on lunchbox although none of the nodes uses any lunchbox node. Any help will be highly appreciated!

The package I am talking about is LCA-Aeforos and as per its name it can be used for LCA analyses of the revit model.


I have a script that looks at node dependencies that I sometimes use for package maintenance:

Perhaps it will help you find out which of your nodes still has a dependency on a Lunchbox node.


Thanks Andreas! Although, I didn’t really understand what to do with this script (I am quite new in programming) you made me look once again and more carefully through all nodes. “Remove.Nulls” was somewhere well hidden. It’s now fixed and re-uploaded as a new version. I now wish there was a way to remove one of the two identical packages that I have uploaded on my attempt to fix the problem but as far as I searched about it, it’s not possible…

Thanks again!