Package "Civil3D.CustomNodes " to change Civil 3D drawing parameters

Hi, everyone
Recently I created small node to change drawing parameters of Civil 3D for myself and wanted sharing it with everybody. That Package called “Civil3D.CustomNodes
At present time package include nodes:
First node is null (public class that haven’t actions).

  1. Node AssignCoordinateSystem is assign coordinate system of drawing from User’s input string. Note: there are no checking if User’s input is valid CS code in MAPCSLIBRARY.
  2. Node ChangeDrawingUnitsToFeet changes Unit’s system of drawing to Feet independently of drawing’s parameters
  3. Node ChangeDrawingUnitsToMeters changes Unit’s system of drawing to Metric independently of drawing’s parameters
  4. Node ChangeDrawingUnitsToMetersBool changes Unit’s system of drawing to Metric with input bool parameter = false (from f.e. CheckDrawingUnitsToEqualMeter). Otherwise Unit’s system resetting to Imperial
  5. Node CheckDrawingUnitsToEqualFeet return true, if Units of drawing = Feet and false if isn’t.
  6. Node CheckDrawingUnitsToEqualMeter return true, if Units of drawing = Meters and false if isn’t.
  7. Node GetDrawingUnits return Units of current drawing as “Meters” ot “Feet” as string
    All descriptions are available in Package (XML’s file near compiled DLL).

Note: you can press “make output” with node ChangeDrawingUnitsToMeters and start him in Dynamo Player for each drawing (it work as one single function). If you want change Units to imperial - start node ChangeDrawingUnitsToFeet. Below small video to demonstrate it process:

Next time (nearest days I will public them at GitHub) and add to them some other functions to change other drawing properties.