Overwriting 'Read Only' parameters Thermal Resistance (R)


I’m trying to overwrite the Thermal Resistance ® parameter in a Wall, but it’s read only.

Is there any work around for this? Or any way to influence how the Wall calculates the Thermal Resistance ®?


The R value is calculated based on the thermal conductivity of the material of each layer in the wall type and its thickness . Therefore the only way to modify it is to change either:

1)the layer material

2)the material property

3)the layer thickness

You can’t do any of the above with Dynamo’s default nodes. However, there are some custom packages that can access the wall type’s layers. For example clockwork’s “FamilyType.SetCompoundLayerMaterial” can change the material of a layer.

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What if you can is to create a shared parameter and introduce into it the value of the thermal resistance that we deem appropriate.

In the example I have done with the parameter heat transfer coefficient, which is the inverse of the thermal resistance.

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Lo que si se puede es crear un Parámetro compartido e introducir en él el valor de la Resistencia Térmica que estimemos oportuno.

En el ejemplo lo he hecho con el parámetro de coeficiente de transferencia de calor, que es el inverso de la resistencia térmica.

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