Overwrite Fontsize in specific view

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we need your help and ideas :smiley:

We have some problems with the text height in views with a different scale. For example in 1:200 the text height feels correct and at 1:50 it is too large.

For this reason, I´m building a script, which copies the text objects, changes the font size and hides the “old” ones. Unfortunately, this is no clean solution, because of the “parallel” working.

Is there any way to manipulate the text height in a specific view, where it appears too large, without changing the appearance in the other view which shows the same plan in a different scale?

Hi @Jannis,

I think I would:

  • Predefine the sizes i would need as types
  • Collect all text elements and query their owner view
  • Get the scale from the owner view
  • Set the type of the text elements accoringly to the scale

I think this is doable, but I can’t say I’ve tested it :slight_smile:

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Hi @MartinSpence,
thanks for taking the time to answer to my question :slight_smile:

But what happens if a text element is shown in two views? For example one is 1:50 and the other one 1:100. If I change the type in one view, it will change in the other view, too.

This would be a problem, because in the 1:100 the fontsize is quite nice.

If I print both plans at the same time I would have a problem, because 1:100 has would have a wrong size, because I optimised it for the 1:50 view :frowning:

Text element are annotations and thus view specific. This is what would enable us to call the owner view. 3D elements don’t have this ability.
So I think the approach I suggested will work. If your text elements are in groups, there might be an issue though.
Test it and see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Jannis,
I face the same problem, Did you find a solution for that?