Outputting a solid with "Object.ByGeometry" will result in null


I am using Dynamo to convert a polymesh to a solid.
Sometimes the conversion does not work.
It seems that “Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces” creates a solid, but “Object.ByGeometry” is null.
Does anyone know the cause and solution for this phenomenon?

When I convert a model created in another CAD to DWG and open it in Civil3D, the solids are automatically converted to polymesh, so I need to convert from polymesh to solid.

Sorry if the text is wrong as I am converting Japanese to English using DeepL.

MeshToSolid.dyn (21.9 KB)
Sample.dwg (938.5 KB)
Sample02.dwg (441.0 KB)

Hi @yuji.hirano,

Is Dynamo’s geometry scaling set to Medium?


What is the result of the “All objects of type” node?

Hi @mzjensen ,

Thanks for replying.
Geometry scaling was tried on all patterns to no avail.


Thanks for replying.
" All objects of type" results in a mesh

What are the results if you use a Solid.Volume node after the Solid.ByJoinedFaces node?

The result of the one that did not output well was null.

OK, the issue is likely that some of the faces have inconsistent normal vectors. You’ll have to determine which faces have that issue and then flip the faces so that all of the normals point the same direction. The bottom face is a likely culprit (inward-facing normal while all of the others may be outward-facing).


Thanks for your cooperation.
Now I will try to find a method in the forum that can solve the cause of the problem.