Other pdf creation nodes

First im new to the forum…just want to say massive thank you and a lot of appreciation to all dynamo guru’s. I can name a few but it will not be fair…anyways…just throwing out there. Currently when creating pdfs using dynamo i use archi-lab (thanks to konrad for this)…is there any other node or package that can be use for pdf creation?

just in addition, I am using Ghostscript to create the PDF, the filepath in the image below is not needed, can I omit this? I tried altering the python code and removing any instances of filepath (including commas…etc) so there will be no traces of filepath and save it as new function (dyf). But when I run it its has an error regarding the “filepath not found”. So to me filepath is needed, I guess this is because of the way the code was written? Or is there a way or NEW code that will omit filepath? Can you point me out in the right direction.

Note: The Ghostscript PDF printer works well and using the PDF printing node for Archi-Lab still works but instead I just place a DUMMY.PDF on the value of the filepath.

The advantage of Ghostscript is that aside from being free you can assign your own USER defined filename ( I will show this in future replies)


I have answered my own query.

Please show how. Is that a filename we would set through Dynamo?


Hi, yes it would be, the filename will be totally up to the user. For example you want in your created PDF’s filename the Revsion No. of the sheet or the username or levels, etc…(i.e. PROJECT_TEST_SheetNo1234_TRUEVIS.pdf) I am creating/writing up a whole set of instructions/information on how to achieved this. I just finding no time to write it up. Ghostscript is probably the last thing you might think on using to create PDF from Revit using dynamo. Have you use Ghostscript before or have any idea on how this works? Ghostscript is used for a number of PDF writers including CutePDF. I will hopefully can show this soon, apologies.

Thanks for the interest.

Hi Is there any update regarding PDF filename? :slight_smile: