Order/Sort List of Curves

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to order a list of curves so that sequential items (as a list) are listed one after another. Currently, my spiraling curves have no order and are not easy to work with. Basically I want to use adjacent curves to loft and extrude along.

Any suggestions? Does Revit offer sorting based on a curve or circle?

Below I have attached images that show the current situation, as well as my desired layout

Thanks !


Hi Robert,

Not sure if this will help do what you seem to want.


Hi Robert,

you may try two steps:

  1. Get the end point of each curve which is nearer or further to the center of the virtual spiral

  2. Get the vector angles of the endpoint to the center point

  3. By sorting the vector angles to sort the curves

Hope this can help you a little because I have not yet figured out how to determine which curve should be the 1st.


As suggested above by Koz Jono Yeoh…

File: SortingArcs.dyn

Note the radius of the curves in the shuffled list and the sorted list.


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