Orchid Parameter.Create not working

Hey Guys, I am trying to create new parameters using “Parameter.Create” from Orchid but am getting the following error “Warning: Parameter.Create operation failed. Constraints” Invalid parameter group." but I am sure that Constraints is a group. Can someone please tell me what I am missing? attached is a screen shot of the error. Thanks!

I think it’s your Group. Not sure, but it may be looking for Built-in PG not yours.

Is there a way for me to convert my Group into the Built-in PG? I’m trying to pull in data from excel to make these parameters and the node said that it will accept strings, I’ve tried to change my Group name but still get the same error.

Hi…dont think you can create custom parameter groups or parameter types…have you tried these here?

I have tried those and they do work, but I am trying to add multiple different Parameter Groups from an excel file, but for some reason it won’t accept the string from excel even if they are named exactly the same as the options from “Parameter Group”

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Cool…but doesnt look like on your image on parametergroups…they should always had this format…ex. PG_DATA :wink:

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See if that helps,

Parameter groups are hard coded, you need to pick from the list of options. The full list should be in the dropdown, but if you’d like to review it you can check the enumeration in the api here: BuiltInParameterGroup Enumeration


Hi Jacob…It shouldnt be necessary, its just a system string but need the right format :wink:

Edit… Yes Jacob all true, didnt read it right :wink:

Not sure if it helps but I got sick of getting stuck with BIPG’s so see if these nodes help…

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